Arts & Humanities: Art & Design Course Descriptions

Graduate 2020-2021

ART 510 Art History:Special Topics (3)
Courses offered on an occasional basis to explore subject matter of special interest or timely relevance. Topics may include "Matisse & Picasso: Dialogue & Rivalry of Great Modern Masters," "History of Photography," etc.

ART 510A Topics in Art History: History of Design (3)
New Course
A survey of visual communication/design/ and industrial design from unrecorded times through the present. Emphasis will be from the industrial revolution through the present.

ART 520 Painting Workshop (3)

ART 525 Ceramics Workshop (3-6)
Enhancement of technical development of throwing on the wheel, decorative skills and glazing formulae.

ART 536 Sculpture Workshop:Sustainable Mixed Media (3)
This course blends sculptural methods and current technologies with traditions of the past. Participants will explore sustainable processes and materials. Beyond the making of art, emphasis will be placed on the conceptual; consideration of the effect of creation of this work on the planet's resources. ART 336/536 will meet together.

ART 555 Drawing Workshop:Figure Drawing (3-6)
An exploration of the creative possibilities and techniques of drawing in pastel. Students will investigate the strategies for producing vibrant images using this expressive medium. The principles of landscape design, perspective and color theory will complement the experience of direct observation in unique natural settings.

ART 671 Advanced Studio Problems (3)
Prerequisite(s): Instructor approval, learning contract, and intermediate level of accomplishment in area of concentration
Comprehensive problem solving experiences in studio arts under the supervision of a graduate faculty member. This tutorial culminates in an exhibition of a cohesive body of work.