Business: Organizational Leadership Course Descriptions

Undergraduate 2020-2021

BOL 300 Leadership:Theory & Application (3)
Prerequisite(s): MGT 300
Explores the meaning and importance of leadership in our time, culture, and organizations. Emphasizes the importance of developing leadership as individuals and within organizations. The course focuses on theories of leadership and how they are applied to include leadership styles, behaviors, and skills.

BOL 350 Contemporary Issues in Leadership (3)
This course examines current issues for today's leaders such as leading a diverse workforce, leading virtual teams, and nurturing ethical leadership. Also reviews evolving perspectives on the role of the leader and the leader-follower relationship. Topics will be timely, relevant to organizations, with practical implications for leadership skill development.

BOL 400 Ethical & Servant Leadership (3)
This course is a study of the foundational role of ethics within the concept and practice of leadership. It emphasizes personal ethical development and application of ethical principles to organizational dilemmas and explores servant leadership in-depth to include the writings of Robert Greenleaf and others.

BOL 490 Leadership Capstone (3)
Prerequisite(s): MOL 350, 400, MGT 300, MGT 480, ETH:PHI 397, and 40 hours of core curriculum completed or permission of the instructor
Students will synthesize their study of leadership with their professional, organizational, and personal experiences and their previous learning in the liberal arts and sciences. Students will complete their leadership portfolios in which they reflect on their learning about leadership, development as leaders, and personal philosophy of ethical leadership. Case studies will present real world scenarios for analysis and application.